Kohli CricketVirat Kohli – so much has been written about him that nothing has been left unseen or untold about 2013 Arjun Award winner, Indian cricket team captain, prolific player and world’s only batsman who averages above 50 across all three formats Test’s, ODI’s and T20. In Indian cricket, there have been legends who were known for their specific characteristics. Like Dravid for his defense, Sachin for his class, Laxman for his style, Sehwag for his powerplay and Ganguly for his aggression. To everyone’s wonder, he is a measured combination of all greats. He has a blend of Dravid’s intensity, Sehwag’s strokeplay, Sachin’s class and Laxman style of batting. On top of all, he also has the much-needed aggression of Sourav Ganguly. The whole world knows about his records and his achievements. Over here, the effort has been made to cover untold and unseen aspects of Virat’s life.

Kohli Debut Cricket Match in Ranji Trophy

kohli untold dadIn December 2006, Virat was debuting for Delhi in Ranji Trophy against Karnataka. Delhi was playing against Karnataka and was tottering at 14/4 while chasing a mammoth target of 446. Kohli was fighting alone the battle and was batting on 40 by the end of the day. It was then he got the sad news of the untimely demise of his father during night. Being his debut match he was really confused and was in the toughest dilemma of his life what to do in this situation? Any normal person in such situation would have rushed to attend last rituals of his/her dad without caring about the current situation or job responsibilities. But this boy showed the mental toughness and maturity when he was just 18. He called his coach and sought his advice. Unlike any other coach, he sensibly advised Virat Kohli to play in the match as such big opportunity rarely comes after a lot of hard work and sacrifices in anyone’s life. As we all know that he is a very strong-minded person, he played next day and scored 90 runs to save his team from follow on. Unfortunately, he got out because of the wrong decision but by then he had already conquered and emerged victorious in his life toughest battle. After the innings, he directly went to his father’s funeral and he didn’t play rest of the match. No wonder Kohli you see today is because of right choices and decisions he took during toughest phases of his life. Surely this is one of the most emotional unseen and untold stories of Virat’s life. Hats off to this champion cricketer!!!

Virat Kohli as a person

In 2015, a 16-year old boy, suffering from cancer, wished to meet his favorite cricketer Virat. His grandmother went to his hotel and told him about her grandson’s condition and his wish to meet him. Kohli, without wasting any time, went to the hospital to meet the boy and spent some quality time with the boy. It wasn’t the only thing that he did. He also arranged two VVIP tickets of an IPL 8 match to watch Kohli and his team Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) live in action. Isn’t this unseen and untold story heart-touching. This story speaks loads about kind of caring nature he has and highlights his emotional quotient that he has for others.

Kohli gesture towards his coach

Kohli untold coachHe is also a man who knows how crucial role a teacher plays in one’s life. Yes, I am talking about his first coach Rajkumar Sharma, who converted a precocious talent to a world-class batsman. There was an incident on Teacher’s Day in 2014 that turned his coach emotional. Rajkumar recalled that he answered the bell and found Vikas (Kohli’s elder brother) at the door. His brother’s arrival at his house so early in the day was a cause for concern. Vikas stepped into the house, dialed a number and handed his cell phone to Raj. “Happy Teacher’s day, sir,” said Virat, even as Vikas thrust something into Rajkumar’s palm — a bunch of keys. Rajkumar stood perplexed as Vikas requested him to step out of his house. A gleaming Skoda Rapid was parked at the gate — a gift from Virat to his mentor. Later his coach said “It was not merely because he gifted me the car. It was because of his emotional touch to the process of reminding me how much he treasured our association and valued the role of a teacher in his life.”. Not only this, there was one more incident which shows the glimpse of Virat and his coach relationship. Once parents of a child requested Rajkumar to turn their child to next Virat. But he turned down their request and said there can be only one Kohli.

Kohli funny shades of life

Unseen hairstyle kohliIf until now all are serious moments then there are some funny ones too. Yuvraj Singh, in his book ‘Test of My Life,’ wrote that he felt Virat got his now famous nickname ‘Chikoo’ from the famous Hindi language comic series ‘Champak’ which had a character by the same name. Actually, his assistant coach Ajit Choudhary gave him this nickname when Virat asked him about his new hairstyle and he felt that his new hairstyle made him look like the bunny from Champak comics. This incident took place during Ranji Trophy when he had played less than 10 first-class matches. When Kohli was, first time included in Team India. Some of the senior players took his raging and told him that every new player in team touches Sachin Tendulkar’s feet and takes his blessings. So, he touched his feet and Sachin asked him “Do you want something ?”. Then he told him all the story and Sachin laughed and said: “they had played the prank with you”. Doesn’t these stories highlights how innocent and obedient this boy is!!!

Kohli and his style quotient

Kohli StyleVirat is also known for his style. In 2012, he was featured in the list of 10 best dressed international men. That list also contained the likes of US ExPresident Barrack Obama. According to SportsPro, for the year 2014, Virat Kohli held the 2nd rank in world’s most marketable athletes, surpassing the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. He had beaten M.S Dhoni in the advertisement when Adidas offered him a contract of 10 crores. After Shahrukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor and M.S. Dhoni, brand Virat Kohli, at 56.5 million US dollars, is at the fourth position. In September 2013 in New Delhi, he was recognized as the BSF’s(Border Security Force) Brand Ambassador.

Kohli Love for Tattoos

Kohli untold tattoosVirat and his famous tattoos. He has total 4 tattoos – he’s got his zodiac sign, Scorpio, on the upper right arm. On the same forearm, he has the Chinese symbol of faith. On his left biceps, there’s a tattoo of a Japanese Samurai warrior, sword raised, which soon became the in-demand tattoo in India. He also sports a tribal design. He said that Samurais are one who led their lives based on concepts like self-discipline, loyalty to one’s master and respectful, ethical behavior. With his fearlessness and toughness, this tattoo is one which Kohli relates to on a personal level. Any typical Scorpion has traits like ambitious, intuitive and dynamic, and Virat has all this in abundance. The Chinese symbol of faith depicts loyalty and faithfulness. Most importantly till now, he did not reveal the meaning of his fourth tattoo, the tribal design.

Accomplishments and records

Kohli cricket recordsVirat Kohli was the captain of the U-19 cricket team and led the U-19 Indian team to World Cup glory in 2008. After the world cup win, he played a pivotal role in India’s win of the Emerging Players tournament, held in Australia in 2009, where he top-scored with 398 runs. He played a total of seven matches, in which he scored two hundred. After Sachin Tendulkar and Suresh Raina, Virat Kohli is the third Indian batsman to have two ODI hundreds to his name before reaching the age of 22. He also became the first Indian to score a hundred on World Cup debut. He achieved this feat in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. When Virat was just 23, he was awarded the ICC Cricketer of the year in 2012. He has been the fastest run getter in India, with the fastest 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000 runs to his name. He is also the fastest batsman in the world to score 7000 ODI runs. He even dethroned Sachin and become fastest to reach 20 ODI centuries in just 133 innings, while Sachin took 197 innings. Most importantly, he is the only cricketer in the world to have scored a hat-trick of centuries in his first three Test innings as the captain. He scored 1000 runs or more in ODIs for three consecutive calendar years and became the fourth ever batsman to achieve this feat after Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and M.S. Dhoni. Even Sir Vivian Richards of West Indies once said that Virat Kohli’s playing style reminded him of himself! That was a great compliment, as Sir Viv is considered by many to be the most destructive batsman.

Finally, would like to conclude by saying that India has produced greats of like Sachin, Kapil, and Gavaskar but surely Kohli has caliber and mantel to be greatest among all. Whenever he steps into bat you can see the sense of responsibility, expectations, and trust of more than 100 crore Indians he carries on his shoulders. Till now he has very well lived up to all the expectations and this nation just hopes he continues to play well and make country proud.

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