The first session of the first test match between India versus Australia witnessed an interesting incident on fall of David Warner wicket. Warner and Matt Renshaw were playing quite well until David Warner wicket fell on 82 runs. As soon as Warner wicket fell he went back to pavilion and by the time Steven Smith started marching into the ground, Renshaw has been seen running towards the pavilion. He was seen in some sort of discomfort and some kind of discussion with Smith and umpire Richard Kettleborough. It looked as if he had to leave the field for a quick break and was in consultation with Steve and umpire regarding it if he can do so. He was playing on 36 at that point in time and lunch was just 15 mins ahead.

Eventually, Matt Renshaw went out of play and has been declared retired ill and next batsman Shaun Marsh who was not ready for the situation replaced him in a bit hurry. It has been learned that Renshaw had to leave the field because of upset stomach and he was struggling to hold off the Nature call anymore. It all started around 10 minutes before fall of the David Warner wicket and when this wicket fell Renshaw thought of utilizing this break to address nature’s call but he was not sure of rules. Renshaw retiring ill did not go well with some of the Australian cricketing greats and the even captain was not too happy initially. In his post-match conference after day’s play, he talked more about it:

“It came pretty suddenly, probably about five or ten minutes before Davey [David Warner] got out, I asked Richard Kettleborough [Umpire] how long there was till Lunch, and he told me half an hour. I was struggling a bit then,”

“It wasn’t an ideal situation to be in. It was tough. I wasn’t sure of the ruling. I didn’t know you could retire ill, so thought I’ll just get out there and make sure I batted till Lunch. It wasn’t an ideal situation so I just had to make do.”

Matt Renshaw further revealed that Smith was not very happy with the awkward situation when he heard about it,

“He wasn’t too thrilled about it, but he understands that when you need to go to the toilet, you’ve got to go to the toilet. It wasn’t an ideal scenario, as I said, but its life, pretty much.”

Eventually, Steve understood it – “He didn’t really understand what was going on at the start. I sort of just ran past him, he didn’t really comprehend what was going on. I told him I needed the toilet.”

“Obviously, we’d just lost a wicket so there would be two new batsmen out there but as I said, it’s a hard scenario to be in and he understood. We’ve had a chat now and we’re all good,”. 

Well no matter what even strongest person can not resist it if comes to untimely Natures Call and obviously one has to address it on priority. It seems a very generic scenario but unfortunately looks like current cricket rules do not allow any breaks for such interruptions.

Post lunch Renshaw came back strongly and scored and spearheaded Australians fight back with a brilliant half-century and scored 68 runs in 156 balls.