Those of you who have started playing Table Tennis or might have been playing it for some time now might have come across this question which is the Right Table Tennis bat to buy? Especially those who have just started playing they want to buy a bat but are uncertain about a good bat they can choose from and which would be cost effective as well. Those at the intermediate level or those who have started taking this game seriously have a different kind of a problem. They always think of switching to a right kind of bat which can take their game to next level. Sometimes they are lucky enough to find the right kind of bat which suits their style of play but most often or not they end up spending on the incorrect bat. I have seen many such players in last 25 years who have ended up in buying worst bats by spending the substantial amount of money. In this blog, I will try to suggest few bats which you can think of buying as a beginner or an intermediate level player.

Understanding your game

Those who are beginners I  would advise them to just enjoy your game at this point in time and try to learn the game by playing, watching and reading. More than playing I think for you observing other good players and trying to adopt right technique is very important. I would also suggest you read few of the table tennis basics and watch tutorial videos to get your basics right. This will speed up your learning curve and whatever time you will be at the table you will at least do a conscious effort to apply right things. Those who are at the intermediate level you should try to understand your game. You should at least try and understand at which kind of play you are good, I mean are you a good at attack KILL, DRIVE and LOOP or you are good at defense and tend to play a lot of BLOCKS, CUT and PUSH or you have a balanced all round game. Also, you should try and understand if you are good at forehand or backhand. Answering these few queries will help you in deciding Right Table Tennis Bat to Buy and a right kind of bat can take your game to next level.

Table Tennis bat anatomy

Before getting into the list of bats let me quickly introduce you to some important aspects of the bat itself. Basically, a Table Tennis bat consist of the wooden part called as PLY or BLADE, and two RUBBERS generally red and black colored which sticks to both the sides of PLY or BLADE. In the market, you can get a bat with BLADE and RUBBERS all stick together and ready to play or based on your style of play you can customize your bat by purchasing RUBBERS and BLADE separately and then gluing it yourself or from some professional.

“Let me share a funny story with you when I started playing I use to think that thickness of rubber makes bat good or bad. In-sense costly and good bats must be having very thick size rubbers this is what I use to have as a concept until I saw my first professional bat. I really got shocked seeing it and I asked the player who was using it. How much it cost? He said around Rs 2k and I got crazy how come so costly when it is so thin and I showed him my bat look my bat is a lot thicker than you and cost just Rs 200:-) He started smiling and explained me basic anatomy behind the bat. I think I was in 6th grade at that time.”

Believe me, throughout my 25 years old playing career I met across so many players who have asked a similar question to me:-). Anyways hope you have got the gist of the story. Now lets straight away look for some bats which you can opt for.

Table Tennis bat for beginners

To keep it simple for absolute beginners and recreational player I just offer few GKI bats which are very popular in India which do a decent job at the cost they are priced at. Don’t go for any other bat to start with just choose any of the bats that I have listed below once you feel you have developed your game you can pick and choose your next bat.

GKI Kung Fu Table Tennis bat

I have used Kung Fu bat a lot and I started learning Table Tennis with this bat, in fact, I still carry one of this bat with me. Anyone who joins me to play for the recreational purpose I give them this bat. This bat does not qualify at the intermediate level but at beginners level, it’s a nice bat to have at such a price. For absolute beginners, I suggest starting with this bat. This bat has got good control and it supports CUT and PUSH players a lot as it has got good control. You can buy any version though DX version has little more speed in it and matte finished grip. But both bats I found pretty much same. For matte finish grip, you can always rub bat grip by using sand paper so that it does not slip from your hand.

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GKI Offensive XX Cover Table Tennis bat

For absolute beginners, even this bat is a good bat to start with and this offers all round play to any player. I have used this bat and I found it pretty decent from a beginners perspective. This offers good speed and with a little practice, you can develop control on CUT and PUSH techniques. This bat is good for trying DRIVE and LOOP techniques and since it has decent ply you can confidently match up to an offensive player who is playing with a good bat. Definitely, you will never better it but at least you can match it and respond his shots by blocking and playing shots in return.

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Stiga Bats for Beginners

Stiga is another big Swedish brand which has a variety of premade racquets. Stiga in itself is a big brand name and are producers of high quality, high-performance bats especially when you look out for professional level BLADES, RUBBERS or ready made bats. At the entry level, Stiga has done a decent job with a couple of bats which are recommended for beginners Stiga Apex and Stiga Titan. These are a good racquet for absolute beginners or recreational players who want a decent bat which gives a professional kind of a feel at not so expensive price. These bats are lightweight and have got required amount of spin and control which is required to full fill beginners or recreational players aspirations. Being a big brand name in the field of Table Tennis amount at which they are offered is very attractive.

Butterfly Bats for beginners

For serious developing recreational players, Butterfly has a decent ready-made bat in offering known as Butterfly Timo Boll 2000. The Pan Asia rubber provides a good balance of speed and spin and the more responsive sponge layer provides additional power.  

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Table Tennis bat for intermediate players

This is when things get complex since there are lot many options available to choose from. At this stage of the game, you should not only look for a right kind of bat which compliments your style of play but also is a cost effective solution for you. Based on the style of play I would encourage you to go for a customized bat because that gives you freedom to mix and match and change your BLADE or RUBBERS if you do not like it after playing with it for some time. Still, I will list both the options customized bats and ready to play bats.

Customized Table Tennis bats RUBBERS

For customized table tennis bats lets start from RUBBERS first. Based on your style of play either you can go for both side offensive RUBBERS if you are an absolute offensive player or with one side offensive rubber and another side with controlled one.

Yasaka Mark V Table Tennis RUBBER

By far Yasaka Mark V has been a great brand for years now and offer a great rubber for this price. If you are an all out offensive player go for these rubbers MARK V RED and MARK V BLACK at both sides of your BLADE. These rubbers with a good offensive BLADE will set you up for a solid offensive game. You will not find yourself down to any other intermediate player who is using any other bat in terms of performance. The only problem with this rubber is initially you will find it little difficult to control spin and speed. It will take some amount of practice and time to adjust to it. Once you get hold of it then surely you can touch all aspects of this game that you wish to cover as a player. Your bat will never let you down, your skills can which is in your hand to improve upon.

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Butterfly Sriver and its variants

Butterfly Sriver and its variants Sriver FX and Sriver EL have been best selling rubbers for years now. They are great rubbers to have speed, spin along with control. Those who want to go all-out offensive from forehand should have Mark V in forehand and want to have control along with speed and spin in backhand go for Sriver variants in backhand.
The original Sriver has a medium hard sponge and offers great all-round performance. With the advent of speed gluing, FX was introduced with a softer sponge which works well with the speed glue. Recently, many professional players expressed a desire for a Sriver product with the power of the original Sriver and the speed gluing properties of FX. Thus, Sriver EL was born. All three Sriver products have the same top sheet the difference is in the sponges.

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Donic Table Tennis RUBBERS

Donic is a german sports company which manufactures lots of sports accessories, gears, and apparels. You can find varieties of quality BLADES and RUBBERS from DONIC. If you are going for your first setup I would recommend starting with Mark V rubbers as they are the best value for price rubbers with excellent performance and stability. Still, if you want to try something else keeping a check on your budget then go Donic RUBBERS. They have more speed than Mark V and have similar control as Sriver, there only issue is durability. Donic Sonex JP Gold is very well recommended for backhand blocks and fast smashes from the backhand. Donic Coppa Jo Gold is a harder very fast rubber with excellent control suitable for forehand side.

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Customized Table Tennis BLADES

Table Tennis BLADES or PLY as per rule should basically consist of 85% of wood and rest can be composed of other materials like carbon fiber, glass fiber, compressed paper, etc. Mostly these materials are used to increase speed, accuracy, and precision of BLADES. All wood BLADE generally comes with some amount of inconsistencies which improves with its age. Initially player finds all wood BLADES little bit inconsistent but gradually it improves and they get adjusted to them. Of all Carbon fiber is a most popular material used for making BLADES and gets into various combinations with wood. Table Tennis BLADES comes into various layers like 3, 5 or 7. Each layer has a different specification and used to build specific properties in BLADE. With respect to all wood BLADES, Carbon BLADES are very expensive and in my view, you should first try using all wood BLADE until you get to the advanced stage with your game.

Butterfly BLADE

The Butterfly is the most popular manufacturer of high-quality sporting goods from 1950. Being a brand in Table Tennis its products comparatively comes with higher prices. At the intermediate level, I will suggest you a ply which is worth investing. As suggested you should start with an all wood ply and try to find one which has control in offering and have decent speed. If you are going with both sides Mark V or a combination of Mark V, Sriver or Donic rubber than Butterfly Jonyer H-II Table Tennis ply is a good option to start with. As you progress, you can change the rubber to suit your needs. The handle is very comfortable to touch and actually takes the shape of your grip over years. Overall, a GREAT “feel” blade!!!

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Donic is a brand which provides value for money good quality BLADES. Those who are looking for all round play with a greater emphasis on defensive play should try using Donic Apple Green Exclusive ply. It combines lightness with the great control and has the lowest speed in offering in the Exclusive range of BLADES. The specially selected ply combinations provide this competition BLADE with increased control and smooth playing characteristics. OFFENSIVE: DONIC Persson Exclusive OFF is the fastest of the Exclusive BLADES series. It provides outstanding power for effective fast topspin and hard smashes. In addition, the blade provides first class control with all variations of spin. It is especially recommended for hard-hitting attackers. ALLROUND: DONIC Apple Green Exclusive AR blade offers superb control. The Apple Green Exclusive AR combines lightness with the unbelievable feel of an all round blade. This blade is highly recommended for all round players who value control when blocking but especially wish to incorporate variations of spin into their play.

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Ready to play Table Tennis bats

If you do not want to get into intricacies of customized bats than there few good ready made bats in offerings which you can buy for taking your game to next level.

Palio Table Tennis bats

Palio is a Chinese brand which makes high quality and value for money bats. If you want to give a serious shot to Table Tennis than try investing in Palio bats right from the start. My recommendation is to pick one of the three bats from Expert, Master and Legend all three bats are an exclusive collaboration between Palio and Expert Table Tennis. Expert: This bat is excellent for beginners to intermediate players and it provides the perfect balance between speed, spin, and control. Even as a beginner you won’t find it difficult in developing control over various aspects of your game. Master: This bat is meant for perfect all-around play and provides a great balance between speed and control. Legend: This bat is ideal for players who want to generate maximum power and spin. One of the best things with Palio ready made bats are you can use Palio bat BLADES with other RUBBERS once you find your existing RUBBERS are dead or you want to change to new ones. This is not possible with many readymade bats with lower quality BLADES.        

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Stiga Table Tennis bats

Stiga is another big Swedish brand which has a variety of premade racquets some are good for beginners and few of them Stiga Supreme, Stiga Evolution, and Stiga Pro Carbon is recommended for intermediate level players.

Stiga Supreme is a light weight bat which is good for defensive and controlled playing. This bat is very good for BLOCKS, strong LOOP, CUT, and PUSH. Stiga Evolution is a great high-quality bat and excellent for all round play. This bat has the right mix of speed, spin, and control. For all round players, this bat is a perfect bat for taking your game to next level. Stiga Pro Carbon is a bat made for the offensive style of play. This bat is made of a 7 layer BLADE and consist of two carbon layers which helps in generating lots of power and speed.

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I have made an effort to reduce the confusion around a number of options available in the market for you to decide Right Table Tennis Bat to Buy especially when you are a beginner or an intermediate player. All the options I have recommended have been done keeping in mind you get optimum results for money that you are going to spend and also right kind of racquet will help you in taking your game to next level.

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