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Manoj Tiwari – Chotta DADA

If Cricket is a religion for Indians than it is life for Bengalis and Sourav Ganguly is their god who is fondly called as DADA (it means grandfather top person of the house). DADA is the most lovable son of Bengal known for his aggression and to the point talks. Of all the cricket players that Bengal has produced, there is another player from Bengal who resembles DADA very much in terms of aggression and attitude. This player is fondly called as Chotta DADA (Chotta means younger) and his name is Manoj Tiwari.

Do You Know, “Reverse Swing” ?

Reverse Swin is a BUZZ word of World Cricket. It is one such word which is known to all cricket followers but very few know what it is exactly. The effort has been made in this blog to uncover technicalities behind it in simple words.

iLive for Sports!!!

Right from my child hood I have been passionate about sports and still can not imagine a day without it. If not playing then at-least viewing, if not viewing then at-least reading and now with this website writing…not only me my brothers are sports fanatic too…so watch for this space for some interesting sports updates, news and comments

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